Josue Bolaños (juggler)

Josue Bolaños (juggler)

Josue Bolaños, juggler and creator of illusions. Born in Costa Rica living in Barcelona for a few years, he has been driving around the city, working and training in the world of magic and juggling. He has studied with teachers such as: Toto the juggler (Chile) and Los Gandini (UK). It belongs to the company La Fàbrica de Somnis and rolls with its own show at private events.

He has performed at festivals such as: Maó Circus Festival 2016 (Menorca), Somiabarrets 2016 (Querol), Fez + Chapeau2013-2017 (Barcelona), Buuuf Festival 2017 (Lleida), La Fàbrica de Somnis (Vic) and in various private locations.

How does an object slide on with a thin rope? How many knots can there be capable of harboring a diabolo without stopping his speed? Between tangles and knots the diabolo dance to the beat of the music.

Instagram: Josue Bolaños

Youtube: Josue Bolaños