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festival gastronomico

La Croquetona

As a novelty we carry potato curls, but we make a range of assortment; artisanal potato chips, potato shavings, spicy potatoes, crispy potatoes, braised potatoes, cod fritters, potatoes stuffed with spinach and goat cheese, potatoes stuffed with roast meat, crispy cannelloni, green asparagus with romesco sauce, Crispy Calçots from Valls (depending on the time of year).

We carry gluten-free products, suitable for celiacs. We fry everything on the spot and in front of the customer. Many of the products we sell are from catalan companies, we believe that this will encourage the development of our environment, offering you high quality products, as most of our producers are local, KM 0.

By consuming local products, we collaborate in the development of the territory, the promotion of a more sustainable economy and respect for the environment.