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La Moderna

Creperia la Moderna was born in 1980. The first years were not easy, because the ignorance of the product was general. Over time, however, we have made pancakes our way of life. The idea was to make a product of honest quality and price, just as we like to be treated and we try to treat our customers.

We have become more professional and adapt to the legal and sanitary requirements as our small business has grown. This philosophy has led us to select carefully the products used to make the best quality pancakes, flour, milk and eggs, jams and homemade samphain. We also try to work with local products and if possible Catalans, Cadí cheese, Torras chocolate, Casademont ham, Ylla flour, etc. We think that using local products is more consistent with the territory and saves energy costs. It is also a concern for us to minimize waste, trying to buy products with minimal packaging and delivering pancakes with the must-have and fully recyclable packaging. After 40 years we have made many pancakes, we are proud of the consistency and recognition that is often expressed to us.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lamodernacrepe