For all those people who likes to take profit of any opportunity for scape of monotony and let you surprise.
We want to promote people to be more sensitive and to pay more attention to artistic appeal than presence. In the same way, we would like to inspire more people to show the talent they have saved.

We fight for an intense hedonistic sensory experience in the purest form
Icona Art Musical

Musical art
Icona Art Visual

Visual art
Icona Art Gastronòmic

Gastronomic art
Icona Entorn Humà

Human environment
Icona Entorn Natural

Natural environment

And... the sixth sense is:



Taste: A journey of flavors

Albert, our beloved chef from Villarreal, has always delighted us in making our events stand out in the gastronomy. The SunRanxx is Ranxx Group’s newest and largest project. To date, Albert (along with other professionals) has already shown us...

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