The spaces of the SunRanxx (1)

Do you want to know the spaces you will find in the SunRanxx? Well today we start at
introduce you to the different areas you can find there!

The ARTISTIC PERIMETER will welcome you to the SunRanxx, you can enjoy exhibitions
of graffiti and live muralism, observing the different artists in the middle of the creative process and seeing everything the development of his work.
But this space does not end here, you will also discover a unique exhibition of photography and
digital illustration chosen especially for these days.

Once you have been able to enjoy all the art surrounding the artistic perimeter you will arrive in LA PALESTRA, a space dedicated to those closest musical performances and performances
to the public, whether in solitary format or in small committee.
This location has a unique charm that will make special all the performances you will go through
the stage during the three days of the SunRanxx.

And the last area we will present to you today is … THE FOREST!
In this space is the market with unique creations in a unique area surrounded by
nature, among the trees and on the grass that Cal Gitanet offers us. Here you can relax
to the beat of the ambient music of the Palestra as you discover the unique stories of the
different products you will find there. Ready to meet them?

Want to know which artists you’ll find at SunRanxx? Don’t wait any longer and consult our web!