The spaces of the SunRanxx (2)

We continue to know SunRanxx spaces! This time it’s an indoor space, LES GALERIES, a space turned into an exhibition hall so you can enjoy art in peace.
We will have unique art and sculpture exhibitions, designed exclusively to enjoy the unique environment offered by Cal Gitanet, an exceptional interior that will take you into a unique world of arts and creations.
At SunRanxx we don’t forget anyone, and even the youngest members of the family will have their own space, EL CAMINET, a route that links the entrance with the Perpèxa room designed
exclusively for children in which they can enjoy children’s activities and games so that they too can have a good time as a family.

Did you think that you could only enjoy the market with unique creations in the Bosquet?
Well it’s not like that! In LA PLACETA you will also find different stalls with exclusive creations that will make the SunRanxx a unique space! And between the Bosquet and the Placeta there are about 40 exhibitors so you can meet new unique creators.
Located in the middle of the SunRanxx, the Placeta is the area of ​​union and passage with the other spaces that make the festival and market a unique experience.

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