The spaces of the SunRanxx (3)

Don’t think this is over! The SunRanxx is a place full of small spaces where you can enjoy art!

Can you imagine an interior space where you can enjoy unique performances in the middle of nature? With SunRanxx this is possible! The PERPLEX ROOM is an interior space where you can enjoy theatrical and children’s performances, monologues, dance, circus, lectures, spirituality, short films, mappings and much more, you will even be able to travel to another place thanks to virtual reality!
Get ready to enter the TANCAT DEL MUFLÓ, the “Ranch” format area equipped with food trucks, garlands and tables so you can have a good time enjoying the eclectic musical performances, group performances and air performances that will be offered on the MUFLÓ STAGE!

Now you only have one thing left, buy your ticket and come and experience the SunRanxx in person!