My name is DaGravile. I paint with the dark.
I put creativity to the test starting with darkness and ending with a burst of color.
In a scenario where nothing is what it seems, I transform spots into beauty and emptiness into silence.
I combine light and shadow, darkness and color through a creative and artistic experience.
I bring order to chaos and give life to the canvases creating an atmosphere of energy and strength but also of tranquility.
An artist and best friend of mine has said “It seems that you paint the war but I think you paint the peace and calm that lies behind the chaos of the world”
I entertain myself and I entertain you. My works are experiences to awaken the senses.
Do you dare to enter my universe?
DaGraVile is the acronym for David Grau i Vilella. Born (68) in Barcelona.
My personal story is a relationship I have with technical drawing when I was in high school. It was a boring and difficult subject for me. When I managed to make a perfect black line, a stain appeared that increased with the passing of the ruler and “spoiled” everything.
Over the years I have discovered that stains (not the ones on the shirt) and scratches are beautiful and pretty and that they can be used.
With my impulsive character and Aries by birth, I decided to put a little order…and color in my work; life only in black and white seems somewhat boring to me.
My strokes and brushstrokes are influenced by Expressionism, the Cobra Group, Spanish and/or Catalan Informalism. Painters I like; Manolo Millares, Saura, Tàpies, Guinovart, Picasso, Bacon, Lucian Freud, Asger Jorn, Oskar Kokoschka…we would never finish!