We are a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of artisanal ice cream in a different way. Artisanal ice cream on a stick. We arrived in Spain more than a year ago and we are present in various parts of Europe.

We present a different way of having ice cream, with our own products and marketing more than 23 100% natural flavors, without colorings or preservatives.

We select the most noble and natural ingredients to guarantee the best quality of elaboration of our ice creams.

We are specialists in highlighting the excellence of artisanal flavor for all people.

We only use fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juices and the best raw materials so that our ice creams are unique. We do not add preservatives or artificial colors to our products, in this way we take care of their original properties.

You will find joy in an innovative way to enjoy the freshness of a summer ice cream, the sweetness of a creamy bite and the surprise of a filling that you did not expect.

We have come to explode your senses.

Additional products:
– Innocent Natural Juices
– Nespresso coffee
– Cabreiroa Water 33ml
– Frambons (natural raspberry chocolates covered in chocolate)