Guixot de 8 (artistic entity)

Guixot de 8 (artistic entity)

Joan Rovira i Boix

Until 1991 he studied until high school and then I did various jobs, the last of which is in a sausage factory in front of a machine for tying whips and sausages. At the same time, Joan participates in various activities in the village of Tona, one of which is “Fira de la Pesseta”, an afternoon of games for children in the town of Tona where he begins to invent a game every year. After 10 years, they ask for a version of “Fira de la Pesseta” in Rubí on the occasion of the inauguration of the Cooperativa winery as a cultural space in the city.

Joan is currently unemployed, as a sausage factory, a family-owned business, has closed, and he accepts the proposal.

Joan has ideas, but he is not very plotted, and despite this, he starts this project, which is Guixot de 8, which has visited about 1400 towns, from 40 different countries on 5 continents.