Binding is a traditionally handmade and manual technique.

I make several traditional binding techniques from different geographical regions: Belgian, Japanese, Midori (Chinese), Copta (French), long stitch binding, classic, American…

I use natural materials such as wood, Japanese fabrics, tapestry fabrics, printed designs and various types of sewing ropes, as well as waxed cotton or leather yarn.

Although there have been technological advances in the world of bookbinding, there are many of us who believe that handcrafting is the best option for projects with a sentimental value. It is not a matter of getting many units in a short time, but of creating a unique and special product, elaborated in a meticulous way, with the unique character that gives the manual technique.

A book crafted has value far beyond the book itself. It is an object that claims the value of the details, made with the intention that when having it in the hands, the user can feel the dedication and affection that I put in the process.

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