The place

Perímetre artístic

Graffiti and muralism live exhibition. Photography and digital illustration.

La Palestra

Space for performances and interpretations close to the public. In solitary format or in a small committee.

El Bosquet

Market. The exhibitors between trees, on the grass. A relaxed and cool area with the ambient music of La Palestra.

Les Galeries

Art and sculpture’s showroom. Exposition of different artists in interior rooms.

El Caminet

A tour of children’s activities and games that links the fountain to Sala Perplèxa.

La Placeta

Market. Exhibitors in the pretty central square. Junction area and passageway with the rest of the spaces.

Sala Perplèxa

Theatrical performances, children’s performances, monologues, dance, circus, conferences, spirituality…Short films, mapping, virtual reality…

El Tancat del Mufló

In “Ranxxo” format. Area of food trucks, garlands and tables facing the Mufló stage.

Escenari del Mufló

With eclectic musical performances, group exhibits and aerial performances.