After the storm, calm will return!

festival artistico

They say we don’t know what we have until we lose it. Freedom, family, friendship, fun. Unfortunately, there are times when you are taken out of it and it seems like it is all shaking. Maybe being free is over for a season … Hard times of confinement, stress, and maybe despair are coming … We’re going through a storm, not any one. That is why we need to be able to face it as experts recommend: staying home. Let us trust in the hope and desire to live again fully!

They also say that after a storm, there is always calm. And, out of this crisis, we will be renewed. We will value more the small details that make us feel alive, those that make us experience new sensations. Above all, we will value being free again and enjoying everything that makes us happy, with family and friends, without hindrance. And we have the best news for when this time comes! We can start the summer better than ever: on July 8, 9 and 10, the SunRanxx arrives; Artistic and gastronomic festival full of artists of different modalities ready to activate your five senses.

The SunRanxx – Rural Artistic Experience will be the ideal celebration to regain our freedom and try to recover lost time. A festival that also adds a sixth meaning under the name compromise. Commitment to social inclusivity and also to environmental sustainability. The main objective is to achieve a complete sensory experience, so let yourself be surprised!

We will be free again, we will again enjoy nature, art, emotions, tastes…!