Evelí Adam (figurist)

Evelí Adam (figurist)

Evelí Adam (Campdevànol, 1957), has lived the world of wood since childhood. Son of carpenter and carpenter by profession he knows this world well and has enjoyed it for many years. That is why he wants people in general and children in particular to know this subject closely, to observe it, to admire its properties and to enjoy it.

Mythology and Nature is a project born of my longing to do a didactic work of exposition of the wood in all its states, the wood in its natural state in the forest, when it works with the purpose of making useful materials and elements, when it is sculpted and worked for decorative purposes… then I realize that wood in its natural state can be found as a living tree or bush and also in the form of a dead tree or root.

It is when I try to extract this wood from the forest that I see the similarities with animals, that their shapes make me think of certain events or moments, postures, or objects. I discover that nature has sculpted wood in such a way that it remains a sculptural work of art.

Web: https://www.eveliadamart.blogspot.com

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