View: When you blink you already miss something!

Just entering, we will understand that the expression is not in vain. The artistic perimeter will accompany us to the main stage and from there we can follow it in the fresh area. Every certain linear meter a new impression! So if you arrive ahead of time, chances are you will lose your eyesight and forget that you are expecting someone. Illustrations, designs, photographs… let’s get started! We will arrive at the Room of the doors and the Room the Noguera and will open to us to a three-dimensional world. In this case, sculptures are the protagonists of space and our perception. Beyond that, the Perplex stage has two faces, day and night. With the sun, theatrical performances, circus performance, stunts and… have you seen Swing dance? We love the playful energy that comes from it, we can see it among with other styles from the best dance schools in the area. When the darkness comes, the Perplex stage wants to open your eyes to the digital art news. It is committed to giving you the cutting edge of the industry, and it will. Visual projections, virtual reality, mapping and led show. Many inputs to be assimilated, it may need to sit! The mouflon market is waiting for us to captivate with its attractions. The most ingenious and innovative products will be selected for a unique creative context. And what will we find again around the market? Exactly, the artistic perimeter. At this point, it will be live graffiti exhibitions that will leave us perplexed. Realism, abstract, geometry, calligraphy, illustration, comics and expressionism are just some of the techniques we will witness. Some of them end up being experts!