The origin of Options is a magic phrase; “there is always an option”. This is the phrase of Mahesh, a boy from Nepal who spent his childhood on the streets of Kathmandu. It was very common to hear him say “options, options, tell me the options” and that’s where our name came from.
Options Catalonia-Nepal is made up of volunteers who work simultaneously in both Catalonia and Nepal. We work with children and young people who are in a situation of vulnerability, through empathy, awareness and social responsibility we want to fight inequalities in our country and in Nepal.
This new project is aimed at meeting the needs of four girls and a boy from Kathmandu. They live in an orphanage, have finished high school and want to study high school, despite having good grades they have no money to continue paying for their studies. That’s why we miss you, together we will get Pema, Chungda, Tshering, Samjana and Arjun to continue their studies.