Taste: A journey of flavors

Albert, our beloved chef from Villarreal, has always delighted us in making our events stand out in the gastronomy. The SunRanxx is Ranxx Group’s newest and largest project. To date, Albert (along with other professionals) has already shown us the level in two editions of the Lost Ranxx (festival of reference in new talents within the varieties of electronic music), and in an edition of the In-Ranxx (event for inclusivity within the stages). Truly unique paella, black noodle, roast pork, vegetable tempura and the best grilled meat in the region… But don’t worry, Albert will also be at the SunRanxx, and better than ever! A journey of flavors more than succulent awaits us, consisting of a selection of the best restaurants on wheels.

We are in the mufló market, where after immersing ourselves in the creativity of the exhibitors, we will discover the art of street food. Walking around the corners, we will find the first food trucks. Some burgers that are eaten twice; At first, with the view, and then with the palate, the American, Mexican or French influence in each of them will be easily recognizable. The flavors of always but in an innovative elaboration. The next stop on the trip is sure to catch your attention: the exquisite Galician-style pop mats. And oysters? Hard to resist … Because when you look up you’ll see a crepe in the background, and on the other side … a stone oven? Pizzas! What a dilemma, right? Maybe we will be padded! But you can’t bypass at the last stop, the sweetest. La Xixonenca, the most representative ice cream in the main square of Vic, will be present with your Xicuneta!

A finger-licking tour where we don’t forget about bold vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options! In SunRanxx gastronomy is an indisputable art!